Termination of “Arts for Crafts’Sake” Statement

I want to tell everybody of my decision that I will stop to popularize my “Arts for Crafts’Sake” program after three years hard working. The reason as following:
1. Never think we can help others condescendingly, the ones who look as if they need compassion may be stronger than us in their hearts.
2. The ones who are really weak cannot be supported by us. Superficial charity can only make these people reliant on charity; the giving of charity is in actuality a type of prejudice against those who receive it.
3. Good can not to being sometimes, because when we do it too much the result usually as bad as do it too little.
4. The person we can really save is ourself.
——WEN fang
 PS:The Chinese title of “Arts for Crafts’Sake(艺术扶贫)” has the meaning of supporting the poor through art in a sense.