When we were kids, we would sing:
“Let us lift our oars, and push this boat across the waves…”
But there are no children to row my boat.
Perhaps one day, none of the boats will have rowing children.
They say that humans evolved from sea creatures.
I don’t know; will we return to the sea one day?
Our fiery material desires are causing all of the icebergs to melt, and we’re already fighting over the new maritime routes opened by the melting ice. There’s no need to worry, because before long, we’ll have no more need for maritime routes. Our world will soon welcome a new group of fish, just as we once occupied their world.
This is a prophecy. I hope that it never comes true.

Rowboat covered with aluminium and metal packaging
Dimension:400cm x 130cm x 50cm
Edition: 1 + 3Ap