Wen Fang

Born in 1976 in Beijing, she graduated from the Department of Photography at L’ENS Louis-Lumière, France.  When creating art, she often collaborates with ordinary people: migrant workers, women farmers, children.  Her works consist of photography, installations, sculptures, performances, etc.; Social interventions are also a major feature of her works. Finding hope in hopelessness is another consistent thread in her works. She says:”I am not a moralist, I focus a lot on the bottom of the society, not out of pity, but because through them, I see a strengh of character very much alike new grass growing out of stone cracks. This strength helps me to stay alive.” Her works have been exhibited in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Korea, Japan, Shanghai, Beijing and in other parts of Asia.  LVMH, Renault Art Foundation, and Banque Neuflize OBC, among other agencies, have collected Wen Fang’s art.


2021 “Le festival Images Gibellina”, Sicily, Italy

2020″MASKBOOK2020″, MUYUN Space, Beijing, China
2020 Paint a Home ,MUYUN Space, Beijing, China

2019″EX/ORDINARY”, California State University Northridge, USA
2019″WEN FANG”, University of Chicago Center in Beijing, China

2019 “Multiple Identities Community”, MUYUN Space, Beijing, China
2018″Beijing International Photography Festival”, Beijing, China
2017 “Chinese Proverbs “. March Art Space, Geneva, Switzerland
2017 ” Troposphere “. Le 6b,Saint-Denis,  France
2016 “Void Paper” ,TIMES ART MUSEUM,Beijing, China
2016 “Daegu Photography Biennale”, Daegu, Korea
        2015 ” The dimension of clivilzation “. Museum of Contemporary arts of  inchuan,Yinchuan, China.
2015 “A Modern Adventure” ,TODAY ART MUSEUM,Beijing, China
2015 “Cross 2015”, ,TODAY ART MUSEUM,Beijing, China
2014, “Summer of Small Migratory birds”,Vegetable market,Beijing, China.
2014, “Migratory birds”,Benxi Museum,Beijing, China.
2013 ” ATYPITAL “. Gallery Beijing Space, Beijing, China.
2012 ” No Difference “. Gallery Li-Space, Beijing, China.
2012 ” Thread Revolution “. Solo Exhibition,  GEHUA Design Center, Beijing, China.
2011 ” Paradise “. Solo Exhibition,  Gallery Li-Space, Beijing, China.
2011 ” Opening – New French Embassy in China”, French Embassy, Beijing, China.
2011 ” Impression photographic “. Solo Exhibition, Home of China, Paris, France
2011 ” Biennale international d’art contemporain of Melle “. Melle, France
2011  ” Rain “. Gallery BACQUEVILLE ,Lille, Franch
2011 ” Elegant and Grace: Beautiful People of East Asia ” , Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
2010  ” Textile Dreams”.  Solo Exhibition,  Gallery Yishu8, Beijing, China.
2010 ” LA NATURE NE FAIT RIEN SANS OBJET”.  Gallery LA B.A.N.K, Paris, France
2009 ” Birthday Present”,  Solo Exhibition, Gallery Paris-Beijing, Beijing, China.
2009 ” Isabelle Huppert – Woman of Many Faces”,  Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.
2009 ” A ceux qui vivent…”, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Yishu8, Beijing, China.
2009 ” Terracotta figures of civilian workers in the Republic of China”, Gallery W, Paris, France
2008 ” Dior & Chinese Artists “,  Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.
2008 ” Our Future “,  Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China.
2008 ” Foundations “,  Solo Exhibition, Gallery Paris-Beijing, Beijing, China.
2008 ” The Golden Brick: What are you looking at? I’m laughing at you “, The Museum Olympic Lausanne, Switzerland.
2008 ” Chinese Women Photographers Exhibition “, Ravenna, Italy.
2007 ” The Dream of the White Mansion “, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Paris-Beijing, Beijing, China.
2007 ” Calligraphy of Light “, Solo Exhibition, Café de la Poste, Beijing, China.

  2006 ” Walls “, Beijing 798, Beijing, China
2005 ” Get it louder “, Beijing; Shanghai; Guangzhou, China.
2005 ” First Prize of  Marie Claire Award for International Reportage
2004 ” Fémis Photography Festival “, Paris, France.
2004 ” l’œuil intercontinental ” , Paris, France.
2004 ” Pink Ribbon Public Welfare Photography Exhibition “, Redgate Gallery, Beijing,China.
2002 ” Asia Art Festival “, Fukuoka, Japan.

Collected Works

2008 Collection of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Foundation for Creation, Paris, France.
2008 Collection of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts, Beijing, China.
2011 Collection of The Bank Neuflize OBC
2012 Collection of The French Embassy in China
2015 Collection of the Renault Art Foundation, Paris, France.
2020 Collection of The Alexander Tutsek-Stiftung Foundation, Munich