To live

Alive is a miracle.


To Live No.1
Sheepskin,Wood, 142cm×100cm×8cm

To Live No.2
Sheepskin,Wood, 145cm×102cm×8cm

To Live No.3
Sheepskin,Wood, 140cm×104cm×8cm

To Live No.4
Sheepskin,Wood, 135cm×100cm×8cm

To Live No.5
Sheepskin,Wood, 148cm×110cm×8cm

To Live No.6
Sheepskin,Wood, 148cm×110cm×8cm

To Live No.7
Sheepskin,Wood, 155cm×105cm×8cm

To Live No.8
Sheepskin,Wood, 140cm×98cm×8cm

To Live No.9
Sheepskin,Wood, 135cm×95cm×8cm

To Live No.10
Sheepskin,Wood, 148cm×98cm×8cm

To Live No.11
Sheepskin,Wood, 130cm×105cm×8cm

To Live No.12
Sheepskin,Wood, 140cm×105cm×8cm