Terra Cotta Migrant Laborers of People’s Republic

This work is dedicated to migrant workers in China.
Someone asked me why I print their photos on the stones. I said “you see, their destinations are extremely similar to these bricks”. Migrant worker’s origination from farmers resembles brick’s origination from the earth– earth is suppressed in a mould to become a brick, and migrant workers left their homes for the cities and be managed collectively to become workers. Moreover, I also visited migrant workers’ dorms. Their ultra crowding living space reminded me of the stacked sticks.
It is impossible for us to use all earth to build palaces for the human. Then is it possible to change China’s 800 million farmers to urban residents and propel them to make living by working for others? In those young migrant workers’ hometowns are their aged parents supplying foods for the whole nation, however theses parents can’t see their children all the year round.
Why do I have them stand before us like Terracotta Warriors and Horses? — To commemorate our great epoch.

300 portraits of Migrant Laborers printed on cement bricks
Dimention:30 x 14 x 7cm/brick