What’s Arts for Crafts’Sake

By utilizing the creativity of contemporary art & design and the tradition of handicraft art rooted in the western remote areas of China, artist Wen Fang established the “Arts for Crafts’ Sake” project in 2009. Together with local artisans in China, Wen Fang aims at creating a series of original products and artworks seasoned for the international high-end market. It’s a long term art project. Wen Fang tries not only to promote the influence of art on real life, but also to take over and protect traditional handicraft art by means of development. The local artisans who participate in artwork creation and communication may also be able to shake off poverty and set out on the road to prosperity.

Details about the mode of execution of “Arts for Crafts’ Sake” project are as follows: 

1、Artists approach a traditional handicraft art via the introduction of an association, corporation, local government, or by contacting the artisans directly.

2、Artists will conduct an on-site visit and an overall review of local geographical environment, handicraft art and the living status of the artisans.

3、Together with voluntary local artisans, artists will establish a local project team for “Arts for Crafts’ Sake”. If necessary, the team members should include members from the association, the corporation and the aforementioned local government.

4、Artists grasp material and inspiration from local art, in order to make plans for contemporary artwork. Meanwhile, artists or the project team of “Arts for Crafts’ Sake” look for sponsors to support the activities.

5、The project team of “Arts for Crafts’ Sake” contact relevant departments to ensure artists can establish an on-site studio and organize local artisans to create artwork together. During this period, artists share board and lodgings with native artisans, for the sake of promoting a better understanding of local life. All salaries and other expenses of the local artisans are paid through funds from sponsors.

6、Once the artworks are complete, the artists are in charge of choosing paintings for gallery exhibitions and works for sale. In addition to the cost, artists are presented with 50% of the profits from sales, as a fund to encourage local education, health care and development.

7、If local artisans have their own mature distribution channels, the project team of “Arts for Crafts’ Sake” helps to design artworks which are produced and sold over the long-term for them free of charge. Otherwise, the project team looks for long term co-operative enterprises for the local artisans, providing them with a whole line of assistance and support.